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The Welsh Alphabet

Little Lessons Series

The Welsh alphabet is often one of the first pieces of reading 'homework' sent home in Welsh schools. In Welsh it's called 'Yr Wyddor'.

On our Alphabet page you'll find a handy quick fact box along with links to downloadable sheets to practise letter formation with your child, our pronunciation video and links to Alphabet songs on Cyw (the Welsh language children's channel).

If you want to do another activity with your child, why not think of common, every day sounds that correspond with some of the letters e.g. The sound that 'll' makes is often associated with an 'angry cat' or 'ch' often reminds the children of snoring! You could both write the letter and then draw a picture alongside it of whatever the sound reminds you of.

Below is a quick video with tips on pronouncing the two tricky sounds of 'ch' and 'll'.

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