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What is Welsh Reading?

Welsh Reading is a social enterprise company that was created entirely to support parents/ carers with practical and useful resources to help them read with their children at home in Welsh.


As we are a Social Enterprise company any profit made goes back into community focussed projects that supports parents/ carers to engage with school materials and homework in multilingual settings. 

Our vision is to create a linguistically inclusive and supportive community on line and in person. 

Registered with Companies House, No. 14162105

Our Story | Ein stori ni

Hi! My name is Bethan and I'm the founder and creator of Welsh Reading. I am a mam of two children, both at primary school in Wales (one in Welsh medium education, the other is at an English medium school) and this project was born out of the challenges we faced in trying to continue our children's education throughout lockdown. 


Two things struck me during lockdown learning: that for many children, exposure to hearing the key words they needed for reading was halted during a very important developmental phase of language learning, and that those really special moments of sitting down and helping your child with those first reading words, were so much harder for my non- Welsh speaking husband to achieve without a knowledge of how they are pronounced. 

I also saw and spoke to parents from non-Welsh speaking households who struggled to engage with their children's reading books and school materials. So, after quickly mocking up a couple of resources after a friend asked for help, my husband and I built and developed Welsh Reading for Parents. Our main aim is to enable parents/ carers to be just that one step ahead of their child's reading. 

All the resources are created to support the materials your child will be sent home with. The videos, recordings and translations are designed for you to be able to engage with school materials and not to replace them. 

I really hope this website is truly useful for you and will enable you to have those amazing moments as you watch, listen and help your child on their first steps of reading. 


Teacher, Primary English Medium

"I think it's fabulous, so comprehensive. I would definately use it."

Parent, Welsh Medium Primary

"Oh my goodness, this is excellent. I wish this had been available when my older two were small."

Headmaster, Primary English Medium

“I think it would be a great help to our school and parents.”

Parent, Welsh Medium Primary

"That is a brilliant resource. I wish this was available when I started reading with my eldest years ago."
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