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5 places you can listen Welsh audio books for young children if you are a non Welsh speaking parent

Non welsh speaking parents listening to children's audio book

One of the most common pieces of advice that non Welsh speaking parents/ carers are given is to listen to the language at every opportunity. This is a great way for children to pick up the sounds of the language even before they can speak or read.

So we thought we'd pull together a list of where you can listen to children's audio books together, but considering the huge library of online audio books for children in English, there is a distinct lack of resources in Welsh. We hope this will change in the future and have been talking to publishers who have responded already our call for more audio to accompany books in Welsh, so we hope our list of 5 places to listen will increase to 50 places soon!

(We love the 'Dref Wen' audio book page as you can take your child's favourite story in English and listen to it in Welsh - but sadly, many of the Welsh language hard copies aren't in print at the moment... let's hope that chang

es too!)

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